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From the El Cajon Police Department: Check Before You Step

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Throughout San Diego County, motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians are on the rise. Statistics have shown that in many of these collisions, the pedestrian was determined to be at-fault.

The El Cajon Police Department has again implemented their “Check Before You Step” program.  This program is designed to educate the public about pedestrian safety. The El Cajon Police department would like to remind everyone to take pedestrian safety seriously.  It is everyone’s responsibility.

The age old myth that pedestrians always have the right of way could not be further from the truth. Pedestrians must follow the same rules of the road as the motorists.   We all share the roadway and must do so responsibly.

Here are some helpful pedestrian safety tips:

1. Avoid wearing dark colored clothing at night. If you know you will be walking around at night, try to wear light colored clothing to make yourself more visible to motorists.


2. Do not cross the street between two controlled intersections. This is referred to as “Jaywalking”, and puts you in areas where motorists are not expecting pedestrians.


3. Always use designated crosswalks and wait for the appropriate symbol which allows you to cross. Crossing against a red hand is unsafe and against the law.


4. Look both ways before crossing the street.


5. Don’t cross the street unless you can do so safely. When crossing the street outside of a crosswalk, pedestrians MUST yield to oncoming vehicles.


6. Be aware of headlights from oncoming vehicles.


7. Walk with a purpose when crossing. Spend as little time as necessary in the actual roadway.


8. Do not assume the motorist sees you. Motorists are focused on many potential hazards along the roadway and may not see you until it is too late.


Let’s work together to make our roadways safer!

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