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A great show for all at the Cuyamaca College’s Winter Wonder Jam

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Winter Wonder Jam

Winter Wonder Jam Concert

Cuyamaca College’s Music Industry students put on a great performance on Friday, Dec. 6, at the Cuyamaca College Performing Arts Theater. This is an event that is entirely produced by students in the program and they cover every facet of the concert, from finding local talent, marketing, and stage set up and transitions. Now in its fifth year, the Winter Wonder Jam is a tradition for this program and students work all semester under co-instructors Annie Zuckerman and Taylor Smith.

This year’s line-up was impressive, both in style and genre and provided the audience with an impressive array of talent in the four performances of the evening.

Jay Williams

Jay Williams

Jay Williams

What began as a band singing a Christmas song, quickly transitioned into the instrumental guitarist displaying his mastering fingers on the fret of an electric guitar. His jazzy blues style of playing was as soothing and electrifying as a vocalist that understands when and where to put the power of voice in a song. As soon as he would pull back in a soft melodic rhythm, his fingers would dance up and down the fret bringing powerful runs from high to low with the precision of a brain surgeon.

Not a note was missed, and his proficient playing proved to be the perfect start to a great show.





Gabriel Valentin Digital Lizards of Doom

Gabriel Valentin
Digital Lizards of Doom

Digital Lizards of Doom (D.L.O.D.)/Gabriel Valentin

Gabriel Valentin stole the show and the audience in the second act. A one-man band that depends on electronic beats, a floor based vocal processor and his talented finders on the electric guitar, his personality lit up the stage. He commanded the stage with his wit and charm, making people move up to the stage and his whimsical comments to production to turn down the lights and “keeping it sexy.”

His rock, blues and dance music is as exclusive as his voice and each piece performed was different in style, message and delivery. There would be no mistaking his sound and his unique voice is unmistakable. From hard rock to melodic blues, he entertained the crowd and watching how much he loved to perform was as enjoyable as the music. He is one to watch for, and should have a great career in the music industry ahead.




It All Starts Here

It All Starts Here

It All Starts Here

This pop/punk four man band had a rough beginning, but mostly due to technical difficulties. The music overpowered the vocals and for the first couple of songs they just didn’t get into sync with each other. It was more like dueling guitars. When they began to play “Disaster” the first thought was that this should be the name of the band, but something changed and they finally clicked together. From there on out, they were entertaining and the crowd loved them. Much of the band’s sound is reminiscent of the grunge rock style, and the vocals interestingly reverberate off the music to create a punk style that stands on its own. After Friday’s show, they had just received notice for its first performance at San Diego’s House of Blues.




Lyrical Groove

Brisa Johnson Lyrical Groove

Brisa Johnson
Lyrical Groove

Awesome. That is the best word to describe this band. The players and vocalists were spot on and its message was brought through a hip-hop, bluesy jazz combination. Kendrick Dial’s hip-hop rap was as smooth as butter and best of all the messages of all the band’s songs were in the light, and not the dark of many of today’s hip-hop artist.  Along his side, the stellar voice of Brisa Johnson stood well on her own and complemented Dial’s hip-hop magic. They were great from the first note to the last. And surprise is great, and that is what they did as Johnson channeled some of Aretha Franklin’s “Killing me Softly” in the middle of one of the songs. Already sold solidly into the performances from the get-go, that was a special moment, not soon to forget. This talented band is ready for the mainstream and well worth looking for performing around the county.

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