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Small Business Saturday is here and open for discussion.

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In speaking with a small business owner earlier this week, she said that if everyone dedicated $20 in holiday spending in local shops, it would make a large impact on the local economies of our communities. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and need to be supported all year long, not just once a year.

There are several other benefits in shopping local other than stimulating the economy in your own neighborhood. In most cases, you can find the really unique gifts that you are looking at for the special people in your life. Many of the local shops also have one of of kind gifts that you will not find anywhere else and are truly one of a kind. From toys, clothing, jewelry, art, food, there is no better way to say you are special than finding that perfect gift for the holidays.

Not many things are as exciting as receiving a gift that is custom made and one of a kind and East County is the home of  mom and pop shops where young and old entrepreneurs alike, provide a service or product that no one else does. It has more meaning, sentiment and longevity that the 75 percent discount at WalMart (or any other mass retailer).

Support small business Saturday as many of our local entrepreneurs will have specials going on, but it is smart shopping to support these businesses year-round. They are your neighbors and the love they have for their own business surpasses that of anywhere else.

Let’s open this for discussion, tell us what small businesses your support, who has the best gifts and why. There are so many to choose from and prices range from business to business that fits the needs and pockets of every economic class.

Support your local small businesses tomorrow and do not stop there. It is good for the shopper, the business and the community.

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El Cajon’s Council Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12 is one not to miss

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11-12-13agenda El Cajon

This coming Tuesday, Nov. 12 should prove to be a very interesting council meeting. The agenda shows an action item to fill former Mayor Lewis’ position and subsequently, if the new mayor is appointed, the process in filling the vacant councilmember seat by January 12.

Even with the short-term requirements to replace the mayoral seat, there are many in the community that feels a special election is needed. I disagree with this point of view, but not for the reasons most might think.

Though I have made it clear that I believe El Cajon needs a more diversified council to represent the community, I still hold firm to the fact that special elections this close to election year is more of a burden on the city and community in terms of dollars spent. And the economy, though growing, just cannot afford what I consider wasted money. A year will not make that much of a difference in policies or projects created and the ones already in place are already well underway.

But that being said, and a sole opinion of one, I think it is imperative, especially with the events that led to Lewis’ resignation, that the diverse population of El Cajon needs to be at the city council meeting on Tuesday to let their concerns, opinions and visions be heard.

Yesterday, El Cajon councilmembers Gary Kendrick, Bob McClellan and Tony Ambrose released statements about the mayor’s resignation and their commitment to providing equal support for all constituents. (Look at attachments below.)

I will be surprised if council votes to spend money on a special election, but the strength of a community combined can be a strong influence on decisions made. Who knows what will happen?

With elections coming soon, and campaigns getting ready to go into full swing, members of the council that want to keep their positions or run for the mayor’s position in 2014, need to comprehend the consequences of their decisions today, because the positions they stand behind today made will follow them to the polls.

I hear from many in the community, and they come from the many diversified community members is that it is time to break up the “Good ol’ boys” pack that leads the City of El Cajon. This is not my terminology, but a phrase I hear repeated consistently in my wanderings throughout the city.

Change is inevitable in many cases, but in situations like this, if change is wanted it is up to the people to create the avenue for change. Sitting at home and not letting your voice be heard, leaves a person no right to complain if the hoped change does not happen. If your choice is for the city to keep running as it is, or that change is the way to make the city move forward, then take the time to be at City Hall on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s agenda is attached.

13 11 05 Letter from Councilmember Kendrick

13 11 05 Letter from Councilmembers McClellan and Ambrose


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