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Pumpkin pie better than Mom’s?

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DSC_0008Tis the seasons for pumpkins-and pumpkin pie. Take a trip back in history and try this old-fashioned way of creating the perfect pumpkin pie right inside the pumpkin. It is said that this was George Washington’s favorite-but all I know is that since my mother-in-law introduced me to it many years ago, it is a family favorite and a big hit for parties and those who got the recipe and tried it themselves. This traditional pie can easily become a family tradition.

One thing though, do not depend on the time that the recipe says it takes to cook. It usually, depending on the size of the pumpkin takes much longer. Just make sure the custard is done and each scoop will be a delight.

Simple, easy and inexpensive, this is the pie recipe that will have all your family and friends talking about. Once completed, just scoop the custard along with the meat of the pumpkin and you will not be disappointed.

George Washington Pumpkin Pie

Here’s the original recipe:

1 pumpkin 5-7 pounds
6 whole eggs
2 cups cream
1/2 cup brown sugar *
1 T. molasses
1/2 t. nutmeg
1 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. ginger
2 T. melted butter

Cut off the lid of the pumpkin (hold knife in V position, so outside is wider than inside, so lid won’t fall inside). Remove insides. Mix remaining ingredients, except butter. Fill pumpkin with custard and top with butter. Replace lid and put on pan. Bake at 350F for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, until custard is set. It’s great warm or chilled.

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Generation Y columnists coming to the East County Californian

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Over the past few weeks, it has been exciting working with the journalism program at Valhalla High School. After several submissions by young, intelligent, talented and eager journalists, there will be a new edition to The East County Californian newspaper. Generation Y (the name of the column) will appear weekly, with insights alternating from one young woman and one young man on the problems, needs, wants and desires of this generation that is preparing to be the next generation in charge.

We here at The Cal are extremely excited to see what possibilities this column will bring. Even though we have all been there, times are always changing and a peak into the mind of today’s teenager is not only something that our young readers can relate to, but something that can edify and enlighten parents on what is going on in the every day life of a teenager today. With all of the peer pressure, the exposure to expansive knowledge at a young age, young adults from Generation Y are the best source of information that pertain to their generation.

After reading the first columns, I am extremely excited of what is to come and these young adults definitely have a voice and are keenly aware of what is happening around them. Readers will be introduced to our two new columnists over the next couple of weeks.

In my short time in working with these young journalists at Valhalla, I am impressed with their determination, skill level and desire to delve into subjects and happenings that many teens disregard at this age. It is a great program that will help bring the next generations of journalists on the streets, standing out from the bloggers and revitalization of the age-old yellow journalism that seems to be taking a great hold on America’s media outlets today.

I hold great expectations for the new Generation Y column and higher expectations for the young journalists writing it. It is sure to be an adventure, with great insight and a welcomed edition to The Cal.

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