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Loving what you do can turn exhaustion to exhilaration

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Some days you just don’t want to get out of bed. I usually feel that way by mid-week when production is done and the next issue is ready to hit the stands. But like many of our jobs, the cycle never ends. There is very little in between time to recharge our batteries and get you geared up for what needs to be done next.

But, in this line of work, I love what I do and in many cases, it is that getting back to work that rejuvenates me more than a day off.

Last week was a prime example.

Exhausted after a brutal week, late nights and many articles to write and proofread, the process began again on Thursday as usual.

I woke up Friday, had a full day scheduled, but lacked the energy and desire to do so. But what can you do? You get up, get dressed and try to make the best out of the day.

My first assignment was at Challenge Ranch. As much as I love horses, my plan was to get out there, get my interview done and split as soon as possible. It was a hot day and I knew the summer sun would just drain me more.

Everything changed once I got there. My interview with Challenge Ranch and speaking to the six young women that I would have never guessed came from troubled homes and foster care reminded me why I love my job so much.

The horses there were beyond stellar, and in the company of such energetic, intelligent and enthusiastic people that love what they do inspired me to the point I became energized for the rest of the day. I stayed much longer than planned, but did not regret a moment that I spent there. As a matter of fact, I could have stayed there all day.

Saturday morning was the same, but this time I went with the hope that I would meet the same fate as Friday. Going to cover the fundraiser for Chappie Hunter and then the Pride & Identity Celebration were my agenda of the day-a very long day.

But once again, once on site, the energy, determination and enthusiasm of the people I met and spoke with that day energized and inspired me and reminded me of why I do what I do.

I consider my job as a journalist as a community service and when inspired by the people and events that I cover, it drives me to write. I never feel I give full justice to what I witness, but have come to realize that it is because in many cases, I receive much more than I give.

It is a rule, unless you are writing an opinion, blog or column that you keep yourself out of the story. But I think many journalists would agree with me that in most instances, the story becomes a part of the writer. A memory, a moment and an inspiration that is carried on, and inspires me to move forward to the next great adventure, lesson in life, or inspiration that crosses my path.

Find what you love to do and follow that path. If you are not fortunate enough to do it for a living, make every attempt to make it part of your life routine. It will continuously charge your battery and turn exhaustion to exhilaration.

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East County needs more venues for young adults under 21

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It is very difficult for young adults, between high school and 21 to find things to do to keep them entertained. This is lacking in all of the San Diego region, but is some parts of the county there are very successful venues that specifically cater to this age group.

They provide adult entertainment in music, comedy, pool halls, but without the alcohol. Too many times, these young adults wind up at house parties, binge drinking and getting into trouble. In many cases, just because of boredom and lack of things to do.

After leaving high school, they want more than hanging out at the mall, going to movies, or chilling at a friend’s house. It is a normal progression to want more adult styled entertainment that doesn’t cost them a days worth of pay.

This is a service that every city should look into and one that is often overlooked. And places like this are a proven success, as young adults will travel many miles for a night of live music or comedy. Most of which are found nearer to the City of San Diego and Northern San Diego County.

During this in between age, many find themselves in trouble, travel to Tijuana for kicks and spend their time getting faded with their friends at our local parks or in the privacy of homes. Then they hit the road driving. That is a no win situation.

Providing an outlet for this age of young adults has many benefits, both for the community, parents and the young adults themselves. Family restaurants are fine, but they need a place to be with their peers, meet people their own age and enter into adulthood with safe and entertaining venues.

There is so much local talent here in East County, that this type of place could be filled nightly, making good revenue for a smart business owner, jobs, and most of all, a place for young adults to go and have a good time

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