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Affordable fun at Day and Night Fishing at Lake Jennings

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gret heronIt is hard to believe that at long as I have lived out in East County and the San Diego region, that I had never been to Lake Jennings. Part of it was a prejudice that I have about inland fishing in California. Coming from the South, it is difficult to get me to event think about inland fishing here, because for me it is like fishing in the desert.

Growing up with streams, lakes, rivers and an abundance of green, what few lakes I have been to around here are large puddles of water stuck in the middle of a very hot dry heat. (I still miss humidity.)

But I was surprised as I walked around Lake Jennings this weekend. It is absolutely beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking as you walk around. It was busy while I was there, families picnicking, fishing and hiking together and a few people that love the solitude that fishing can bring.

As I walked around, there were about five turkey buzzards flying around the hillsides, they are unmistakable with their red heads and their wingspans had to be eight to ten feet at the distance I was watching. While talking to a couple that were on their second day of Lake Jenning’s night and day fishing, a great heron descended right in front of us, standing majestically on a broken branch just a few feet away. As an avid bird watcher, I was really enjoying myself.

They said the fishing was better later in the evening, catching three large catfish the night before. Love to eat catfish, but more than that I love to fish for bass.

I will go back, and will not turn my  mind so quickly to lakes in the desert as it was green, plenty of shade and several coves to choose from to prop up my fishing pole and sit back and relax.

And it is affordable. fun for the whole family. Even the boat rentals are reasonable (actually better than reasonable) if you want to stay away from the shoreline and hit the water.


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Neighborhood Welcome Wagon

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Quid Pro Quo-Rhinestone Grannies' Carol Hamlin called quid pro quo on me for all the photos I had taken of her and the vibrant troop of dancers at the El Cajon Branch Library.

Quid Pro Quo-Rhinestone Grannies’ Carol Hamlin called quid pro quo on me for all the photos I had taken of her and the vibrant troop of dancers at the El Cajon Branch Library.

Okay, I am dating myself. But do you remember the times when you moved to a new location and everyone in the immediate neighborhood came to your house, brought food, plants and other small gifts to welcome you to the neighborhood? I do.

Although I really didn’t understand the concept at first, it was great, because they would bring their kids along and I quickly learned who I had at my new home to play with. Times have changed and in many cases, people live next door to people for years not even knowing who they are.

In my short stint with the East County Californian, that old tradition is back in my life and I love every minute of it. As a journalist, a majority of my coverage was South Bay San Diego based. I’m not saying that South Bay is unwelcoming, because it is not and I have many friends, strong relationships and peers that I respect from there. But I do have to admit, that many of them took a while to build.

Back in East County, it feels much like my growing up in the Deep South. Wherever I go, people greet me, talk to me, and ask me about my life, but the best part is that they make me feel welcomed. And as a journalist, in many occasions it is quite the opposite.

I am creating relationships so fast here in East County, it is difficult to keep up. This brings a deep respect for the people of our communities. People of East County have heart. Every day I meet someone that inspires me and there is always so much going on in our communities that it is difficult to choose what to cover because I find that just about everything I run across, tips I received and people that I meet are a story to tell.

So thank you East County for the old fashioned Neighborhood Welcoming Wagon

greeting. It makes my work much easier and my desire to serve you enjoyable and my drive to provide you with the best that East County has to offer every week something I look forward to.

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